1. Are your units absolutely water and vermin proof?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, 100%.

2. Can I have my property insured while it is in storage?

Answer: Our storage facility is Insurance Approved, however tenants must arrange insurance cover directly with their Insurance Company.

3. How do I have access to my unit?

Answer: We provide you with a personalised key which provides access to our storage facility during daylight hours 7 days a week. A deposit of $20 is required for this key which is refunded when you remove your storage from our facility and return the key to us

4. Do you have a trailer available for me to transport my goods into storage?

Answer:While we don't provide this service, our friendly Manager will be happy to advise you where you can get one.

5. Do I have exclusive access to my unit?

AnswerYou are the only person who has access to your unit. We encourage you to use your own padlock, however if you prefer we have new high quality padlocks available for sale at a very competitive rate.

6. Do I receive any benefits if I pay my account on time?

AnswerWe enjoy rewarding customers who pay on time. In appreciation you will receive a 10% discount applied to your account, followed by other benefits from time to time.

7. Do you have onsite help available if I have a problem while storing or retrieving my goods?

AnswerYes, our friendly onsite Manager is available to help and advise as needed.